Business Payroll Processing Services and Company Payroll

Payroll Processing Services in Denver

For all business payroll processing needs, we provide you with several options to process your payroll:

  • Input your payroll data via a web payroll system, email your payroll data or even have a dedicated payroll manager call you to collect this data.
  • Automatically pay your salaried employees (where only exceptions would need to be manually input by the client).
  • Import your time & labor data from a Time System/Time Clock/POS Terminal to eliminate errors from manually keying in payroll.
  • Pay groups of employees with different pay frequencies, whether these frequencies naturally align or not (i.e. weekly & semi-monthly).
  • Create your own payroll entry template to easily enter your employee pay information in a format that is customized for your specific needs in regards to Payroll processing services in Denver.


Check Processing

The Payroll Processing Services and Solutions used by our professionals provide your business several options in terms of how paychecks are created and presented.  Some of our most commonly used features include online payroll history checkviewing, issuing multiple checks for the same employee (Ex. salary check + bonus or commission check), and the ability to generate and print manual or termination checks on-site, as needed – no more having to call anyone for help!  Would you like for your payroll checks to have a little personal touch added to them?  You can chose to put your company logo or a design of your choice on the checks, as well as a global message with a maximum of five lines to all employees or an individual message to just one employee.  We also offer many convenient payroll processing features, which include the ability to change state & federal withholdings as needed, as well as many different tax configuration options to accommodate the needs of all organizations and their tax status. We can even offer “Geospatial Tax Identification”, so that just by entering in the employee’s personal address and the work address, we can provide exact tax liability information for each employee (including city payroll tax liability and tax reciprocity agreements between states). Davis-Bacon, Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll needs are also no problem, and we can even help you complete your weekly Federal Wage and Hour Division report (Form WH-347).

Check/Tax Calculator

Would your company like to be able to calculate tax liability per employee on the fly? Our fundamental tool for businesses is our tax calculator. By exploring this program you will see it is designed to allow for you to enter gross-to-net and net-to-gross check amounts and can calculate all taxes whether it be for bonus checks, manual checks or other scenarios that are taxable. This way an employee can see in real-time the effects of increasing/decreasing contributions to a qualified retirement plan, or to see how changes in contributions to a pretax health insurance plan would affect their take-home pay.

Third Party Checks/Garnishments

You can reduce and simplify your accounting department’s post-payroll processing liability by using our system to generate checks to third party vendors, insurance carriers, 401(k) administrators and garnishments. We can actually pay the garnishment directly to the agency on behalf of the client, or you can use our payroll system to create a live check for the business to send off to the respective agency. This will assure that deadline and deposit obligations are met which can effectively streamline your business.

Multi-Year History

A Multi-Year history view is provided for the current and all prior years payrolls processed within our payroll system. Furthermore, our systems allow for you to incorporate all previous history records processed on various other payroll systems (whether this history is imported as a file or manually keyed in by our staff). By accessing these system options your company can view unlimited years of payroll data. Summary information and consecutive detail information is available for rapid inquiries on specific employees or full audits for a specific year.

Report Writer for Custom Report Creation

This is an easy to use comprehensive system allowing you to build report templates or you can incorporate your company’s own data for easy access. No more learning complex systems or file associations. You can view, print or save the reports to multiple software applications and you can run them at any time. Since this is a very powerful and user-friendly report writing tool, we believe it will meet or exceed your company’s expectations when it comes to what you’d expect as the best in company payroll and payroll processing services.

Workers’ Compensation

We can assist your company with our helpful features for calculating workers compensation premiums based on gross payroll. You just provide us your work comp codes, states, descriptions, current rates, officer limits and experience ratings. The code then calculates the earnings based on the rates and the appropriate documentation generates with the amount due. By running a Worker’s Compensation Report you can use that to report the premiums and lessen headaches of an annual Worker’s Compensation Audit. We could also go a step further and actually design and help you implement a risk management program and put in place an updated work comp policy that better suits your business needs, ensuring your staff is educated about the plans and work place safety overall. Our goal is to help streamline the workers compensation program and helping keep the cost low.

Time Off Accruals/PTO

By utilizing a powerful yet easy to use time off accrual system, you can easily monitor and track paid time off (PTO), vacation and sick time accruals of each employee. With this feature you have unrestricted accrual types that can be accrued by the hour, per pay period, or on a particular frequency basis such as annually or per month. The rate of accrual and effective dates for specific employees may be overridden, which provides flexibility and convenience allowing you to focus more on productivity. You also have the option of having time off accruals appear on an employee’s check stub, or not.

We can also provide comprehensive “leave management” options for FMLA tracking, and our time off management system also accommodates any other needed form of leave (bereavement, jury duty, military leave). All forms of time off requests can be initiated by the employee from their own dedicated online self-service portal, or from a mobile device using a mobile app. This creates an efficient workflow where the supervisor for that employee is notified of the time off request, and thus they can approve, deny or modify the request from their computer or from a mobile device. This will significantly reduce effort for the payroll administrator as this approval workflow will mean no more having to deal with approvals the day of payroll processing – they will already have been addressed ahead of time, and will flow into the final payroll batch when the payroll administrator finalizes the pay period.

Labor Distribution and Job Costing

With our cutting-edge payroll processing services you’ll also have access to unlimited labor distribution and job costing. By utilizing our job costing tool, you will be able to pay employees on multiple jobs with just one check, and receive a detailed report showing the divided times on jobs, hours worked in separate departments and cost centers, or time spent with individual clients (if you need to configure your job costing in this way, such as with the home health care industry). You may set up automatic allocation percentages (aka “hard allocations”) each pay period or you may enter distributions each pay period by line item, which is a great feature for employees whose distributions continually vary.  These tailored payroll processing features and report options will give you cost allocation for the employer taxes, providing you true job costing figures. Government contractors or contractors with government reporting obligations (such as Davis-Bacon, Service Contract Act) also can be accommodated so you can rest easy knowing that you are in compliance with federal law, and that your contract is safe.

Payroll Processing Services Done Right!

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